What DMCers are looking forward to this year

We asked our staff about their goals and what they’re looking forward to this year, and this is how 10 of them answered. Looks like health and fitness are high up on the list for 2013!

In 2013, I look forward to completing my first triathlon. I find that I’m more focused and on point, with work and personal endeavors, when I’m feeling healthy and accomplished. -Liz Martinez, Vice President of Community and Government Relations

In early 2013, I’m looking forward to moving to our new office in Coral Gables. -Bill Cruz, Graphic Designer

I’m all about health and eating right this year! -Patry Rodriguez, System Administrator

This year, I want my coworker Patry to get better so she can be healthy and happy. She deserves it! -Lilibeth Iglesias, System Administrator

Health, wealth and happiness -Rick Parodi, Corporate Director of Career Services and Talent Acquisition (and man of few words)

I look forward to traveling 1058.8 miles and seeing my boyfriend for the first time in a long time and enjoying every second of it. -Jax Martinez, Graphic Designer

This year I want to pursue my Master’s degree, remind my family members that I love them more often, cook for my friends, work out, read and paint more! -Stephanie Mualim, Talent Acquisition Coordinator

I’m looking forward to taking my daughter skiing this year, and I also can’t wait for the USmF Coral Gables campus to open up. -Mayza Lehrer, Assistant Director of Compliance

I’m looking forward to my honeymoon cruise to Alaska this summer! -Beth Lagaron, Corporate Director of Education

I’m looking forward to writing something on my spare time that’s more than 140 characters in length, less than 120,000 words and deserving of more than just a “Like” or Retweet. -Allison Ramirez, Social Media Manager