Student Services

Records and Transcripts
A permanent educational record consisting of all admissions and academic and financial records is filed in a systematic manner, retained for each student enrolled at Dade Medical College. Transcripts are retained indefinitely and are available to the respective student upon request. One official transcript will be provided to students upon graduation from Dade Medical College.


Academic advisement is available for all students. Students are encouraged to make an appointment in order to receive advisement regarding their academic progress, placement opportunities, community resources and other related matters.


Dade Medical College does not provide housing for students. A list of reliable realtors and rental properties in close proximity to the school will be provided to students who request housing assistance at the time of enrollment.


Convenient parking facilities are available at the schools for student use. Students may be assigned parking offsite, in which case they must utilize it. Students parking in remote parking locations receive complimentary shuttle service to and from the campuses. Students that park in the remote lot do so at their own risk and the school is neither liable nor responsible for thefts, vandalism or any other damages to their vehicles or personal property contained therein. All students and staff will be issued a Dade Medical College parking decal which must be prominently displayed on the left side of the rear of their vehicle.


Library / Resource Centers
Library / Resource Centers featuring computers with Internet connections, journals, books, dictionaries, DVDs, on-line virtual libraries and reference materials are available to all students of Dade Medical College. Hours may vary by campus and are subject to change. Students must use the college's computers responsibly and not engage in computer or Internet use that is inappropriate, offensive or includes pornographic material. Students may not install or remove software from the computer in the classrooms unless authorized by an instructor for class work. Students may not use the college’s Internet connection to conduct or download trial and promotional software.


Career Services
Dade Medical College is dedicated to helping graduates find employment in their field of study. All programs are designed to prepare graduates for entry-level positions. The Career Services department will help create a professional resume, sharpen students interviewing skills, advise on current job opportunities and generally assist in the student's job search. Our school has a statewide network of employers that continues to grow. Dade Medical College graduates have been recruited by some of the top-rated employers in the industry. Our network of successful graduates is constantly expanding, allowing us to provide an even more effective employment assistance service through referrals and recommendations. Dade Medical College does not guarantee employment. However, the Career Services department will make every effort to assist all graduates in their job search. From your first job to your last in the industry, we are here to help you succeed.


Dade Medical College does not provide transportation to its students but its campuses are centrally located in the hearts of Miami, Miami Lakes, Homestead, Hollywood, West Palm Beach and Jacksonville, where public transportation is readily available. Discounted bus passes are available at a special rate through the Student Services department. Only one pass, per student, per month may be purchased. Students must carry their DMC IDs when using the discounted bus pass.


Student Lounges
Each campus at Dade Medical College features an area designated for students to be able to sit and enjoy refreshments and snacks. Tables and chairs are provided for comfort; vending machines and or service counters are available to provide food and drinks for sale. 


Personal Property
Dade Medical College expressly disclaims liability of any kind for the loss, theft, damage, destruction or other casualty to personal property of any kind owned by students, visitors or others. Students must personally take all responsibility for guarding and safekeeping all personal property on school premises. A lost and found is maintained in each campus’ reception area. Items left more than 30 days will be discarded.