Associate of Arts Degree
115 Quarter Credits
1,160 Clock Hours
60 Weeks

Program Description

Dade Medical College’s Associate of Arts degree in Psychology introduces students to fundamental knowledge in the field of psychology. Students are instructed in such foundational topics as multicultural studies, the psychology of gender, abnormal psychology, forensic psychology, and interviewing techniques. They will also learn practical skills necessary to succeed in the field of psychology. The student will have earned 300 practicum hours and be granted an Associate of Arts degree upon successful completion of the program and fulfilling all financial obligations to Dade Medical College.

Program Objectives

Dade Medical College’s Associate of Arts degree in Psychology provides students with a basic understanding of psychological theories, practices, and research. Students in Dade Medical College’s Psychology Associate’s degree will gain knowledge in psychological theories and explore the causes of and variables inherent in abnormal and normal psychology. Students will acquire the tools to practice in the field of psychology and will earn practicum hours needed to be on track to obtain certification in the mental health and addiction field. They will also be prepared to continue into Baccalaureate programs in Psychology or seek employment in a variety of entry-level positions related to the field of psychology.

Program is offered via distance education at the Miami Campus.



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