Medical Billing and Coding

Associate of Science Degree Program
96 Quarter Credits
1160 Clock Hours
60 Weeks

Program Objectives

The objective of the Medical Billing and Coding Program is to instruct students how to properly and accurately bill for patient services and procedures. Students will be taught basic Medical Terminology, Human Diseases, Anatomy and Physiology, Pharmacology, as well as Medical Billing and Coding. This program will prepare students to be proficient at employing the universal coding system.

Program Description

The program prepares students to become Medical Billing and Coding Specialists. The instruction is intended for students seeking to be employed by organizations which maintain medical records, such as doctors’ offices and  hospitals. Students will be issued an Associate of Science degree upon completion of the program, meeting all course  requirements and fulfilling all financial obligations. Certification is recommended but not required to work in the field.



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